Premium £
Term 1 year
Profile 1+11 (12 monthly payments)
Monthly payment £
Documentation fee £
Total repayable £

For premiums above £30k, we may be able to offer finance at a lower rate, so please contact us for a quote.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This finance scheme is arranged on a recourse basis, meaning that if you fail to make repayments CRL Management Limited may cancel your insurance policy.



Tel: 0207 264 2200

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Who is Claratus?
Claratus provides clear, fair and effective finance directly to the SME and Professions markets for a wide variety of requirements. The business is supported by Business Environment, who own and run 13 high-end serviced offices in the South East. The Directors of Claratus have over 20 years of experience in the finance industry.

Why finance with Claratus?
• Spreading the cost helps you manage your cash
• The finance is typically unsecured
• It preserve your bank facilities/overdraft
• Fast response time and simple process

What type of finance product is used?
Finance is arranged on a loan basis.

What term is the finance over?
Typically 12 months, but for premiums above £30k, we may be able to spread to cost over up to 3 years.

What additional fees will need to be paid on top of my finance agreement?
There is a documentation fee of £150.

Do I have to provide security?
Typically the finance we provide is unsecured. In some occasions, e.g. new start or loss making companies, we may require further guarantees (e.g. personal guarantees of Directors/Shareholders or Parent/Cross-Company guarantees).

What interest rate will I have to pay?
Please refer to figures in the calculator. Deals above £30k may attract a lower interest rate, so please contact us.

How much information is required to proceed?
Typically just CRL’s premium value, Company details and, for deals of £10k+, last statutory accounts. Such further information that Claratus may require to complete our financial due diligence.

Who is authorised to sign the finance agreement?
Usually only a listed Director of the company can sign the Agreement.

How long does it take to get an approval?
Typically one working day from when all information is received.

When will I start my repayments?
Usually around 10-14 working days after commencement of the Agreement – this allows the funder to set up the Direct Debit mandate.

When will my premium be paid to CRL?
Within (around) one working day of fully completed finance documents being received by Claratus.

Who is the finance provided by?
For this scheme, Claratus arrange finance through LDF Finance No.1 Limited (reg no. 2029122), part of the LDF Group is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit -related business (including hiring).

What could happen if I can’t keep up with the repayments?
Missing and / or late payments could have severe consequences for your finances, including making obtaining credit more difficult in the future because LDF report non-payment to the credit reference agencies. Any failure to pay will adversely affect your credit rating. If you miss payments you will also have to pay LDF charges and other fees as set out in the Key Information section of the Pre-Contract Information, plus the costs of their legal action (as applicable). Except in Scotland, LDF may be able to apply to the court for a charging order on any home that you own to enforce the judgement if you do not pay. A charging order on the property normally means that, on its sale, what is owed LDF Finance No.1 Limited must be paid out of the sale proceeds. This could lead to steps being taken to repossess your home and it being sold to pay what you owe. The finance scheme is arranged on a recourse basis, meaning that if you fail to make repayments CRL Management Limited may cancel your insurance policy.